Thursday, January 5, 2017

Could HANA native apps replace SAP BPC Embedded?

Just wondering...

This is just a quick though on HANA native apps and SAP BPC. I am at a customer today where (surprise, surprise) planning is performed on a spreadsheet. Now typically, this is where BPC comes in, as we can replace all spreadsheet based planning with BPC. 

However, what frustrates me and most of my clients with BPC is the fact that it is not easy to change an existing record's characteristic values in the cube without a package (for example, using a MOVE planning function).

A prime example of this is shipment planning. Exports shipments are planned per vessel. The (truncated) record will look something like this:

Customer Vessel ETA Ordered Tons
Export Cust 1 Maersk Lavras 167B 16-11-16 40
Export Cust 2 Maersk Kampala 146SSE 16-11-17 25
Export Cust 3 Msc Charleston 648R 16-11-22 4

All these fields are changed on the fly as new information comes in due to vessel delay, adjustment of inventory allocation to customers etc. In BPC, this would require a move package between characteristic values, while in Excel it is simply an overwrite of an existing value.

As a native HTML5 application in HANA, I could achieve exactly the same and perform the same calculations as planning functions (FOX) in BPC. Through hybrid providers and Open DS Views the information in the table is available in BPC/BW in real-time.

This leaves me with the question: 

Apart from Excel, what is the value proposition of BPC over HANA native apps?

I'll post more on this as I delve deeper into this topic, but I'd like to know your thoughts.

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