Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Debugging FOX: Part 1

In this first post I want to address the two ways to debug FOX code in SAP BPC Embedded/BI-IP. 

Two methods exists:
1 - Debug the fox code itself as FOX script, covered in this post
2 - Debug the generated ABAP code, covered in part 2.

Debug FOX Code as Script
This method allows you to trace the values in the script. And you will be able to see the block characteristics as well as the fields to be changed and trace the values quite easily. To debug using this method follow the steps below:

In Transaction SE80, select class CL_RSPLFR_CONTROLLER

Expand Methods and Select the Method execute_service and double click.

Go to line 105 and set a break-point

Once set, go to transaction RSA1, and select the planning sequence and the step you want to test.

Add the variables you need and then select 'Execute step with trace'. The ABAP debugger 
will pop up and stop at line 105 where we set the breakpoint. Select the script tab:

And select Load Script. Keep the Script Source Database and under script name, select or enter RSPLFC_DEBUGGING_SCRIPT_FOX

Click on the Start Script Button 

You should now see the debugging screen with your FOX Script:

To start the debugging process, press the Start Debugging button or F8.

The following features are available:

Block Values: Display the block characteristic values
Show Messages: Display any messages
Choose Variables for Display: This will allow you to display the values of all fields to be changed.
Toggle Variables for Display: Switches the variable display on and off.
Toggle Ref-Data Display: Switches the display of the reference data tables on and off.
Toggle Block Value Display: Switches the display of the block data tables on and off.

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