Monday, January 2, 2017

Udemy training

Over the course of my career as a BPS, BI-IP and BPC Consultant, many consultants have approached me and asked where they can find BPC Embedded/BI-IP training. Generally, the only source available for SAP BPC training is through SAP themselves, which costs quite a lot. Last time I checked a week's worth of training at SAP South Africa is in the vicinity of ZAR 24,000, which is unaffordable for the average consultant.

In addition, we are having a hard time getting skills in this area, and I expect a significant uptake in BPC Embedded/BPC4HANA in the near future. The signals are there as some customers are reevaluating their decision to go BPC Classic for Embedded/BPC4HANA as they embark on the HANA journey for their ERP systems.

To address the request for training and the lack of supply, I have created an udemy course on BPC Embedded. You can access the course at a significant discount by clicking on the image below:

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